Ein schöne Tag

Today the sun came out and it was glorious, still freezing cold, but glorious. All it takes is a bit of sunshine and a few, not dead as they currently are, daffodils on my windowsill to really lift the spirits.

Started the day, well the midday, with an Irish breakfast (the only difference between an Irish breakfast and an English breakfast being that the former is served in an Irish pub). You think a fry-up is good at home? Try eating one in a world where the only sausages you can buy are cold and cured, where attempts at baked beans are bland, and bacon just isn’t bacon. Bliss. And they gave us free tap water! That doesn’t happen in Germany. We were in an Irish haven, concealed from the rest of the wurst-loving, sparkling water-drinking Deutscher.

We quickly left our retreat, however, when we realised Milka Welt was just around the corner with it’s wealth of branded stationary, postcards and Lederhosen, amongst overwhelming amounts of chocolate of course. Once the cows and the purple all got too much we decided to make the most of the sunshine and go on a spontaneous trip to the zoo. Best decision ever.

There is something about a zoo that makes me feel 5 again. All of a sudden I want to run around squealing with delight at all the animals, even the boring ponies; I want to play on the climbing frames, pet the goats, have a picnic and pretend to be a lion. Thankfully I kept myself under control, although a few odd noises may have slipped out while watching the adorable baby polar bear. Sadly my inner child can’t quite suppress the adult concern for those animals freezing when they should be living in permanent heat, and those boiling when they should be living in sub-zero temperatures. But such thoughts were quickly suppressed at the suggestion of ice cream and I continued to let my childish self marvel at all the beautiful creatures. My winner will always be the meerkat. Especially a sunbathing meerkat.

So here I am, curled up in bed writing, feeling very much inspired by today’s trip to finally watch the Lion King for the first time. The past couple of weeks have been quite drab and unexciting but a little sunshine kicked started a wonderful day. Here’s to hoping it stays!

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