Early onset culture shock high

First week in Munich and that culture shock high has definitely sunk in. That period of time when you get absorbed into new surroundings and everything’s so exciting. This is definitely aided by the masses of lederhosen and dirndls that fill the underground at the moment. I’m almost immune to it now; I don’t even smile when I see them. But I still love it! I also love German public transport. Talk about German efficiency at its best. Right now, I walk aimlessly around the city feeling a strong sense of ultimate freedom and complete content, not caring at all about where I am. Besides, I can just jump on the nearest trambustrain within five minutes.

That’s what I’m especially enjoying at the moment: no worries. With limited language and little experience of life in Germany I am forced to constantly ‘just go with it’. I don’t always know what I’m doing, where I’m going or even what I want to say but so far, with the help of a lot of gesticulation, I’ve managed to get by. I’ve registered my address, set up a bank account, bought a SIM card and survived my first few days in school; having done all that I feel like I can now conquer the world.

I’m waiting for the low to come, after all, we all know I can only stay worry-free for so long, it’s only a matter of time before I start worrying about not having any worries; but hopefully I won’t hit that rock bottom everyone talks about. I’m aiming for a steady decline towards something more ‘normal’ than getting excited every time I see a ‘Baeckerei’. I have a suspicion the 630 starts and tedious apartment search will be the trigger.

But until then,

Ich ❤ Muenchen!

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