Starting with baby steps in Cologne

Day one and I’ve already broken the golden year year abroad rule: don’t turn down a social opportunity. And the only German word I’ve managed to splutter is an inaudible ‘danke’ as a lady hands me my chicken McNugget meal. Today is about comfort. For me, just getting here was an achievement; third time I’ve ever flown out and I’m flying alone. By some literal miracle of God I was sat next to someone also heading here for the training, because without her and her mum I’m not totally convinced I wouldn’t still be walking round in circles at the airport. But nevertheless I’m here.

Besides, not all hope is lost. I’m still learning despite my uncultural failures. For example, I now know it’s definitely always ‘cola’ instead of ‘coke’ and ‘Pommes’ isn’t just used in french. So I’ll get there is small steps. Tomorrow my ‘dankes’ will be a little louder and my food more tasteful. 2014-09-14 18.02.37

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